Talent and how to apply

Orange Security is looking for responsible and sincere talents.
Before hiring suspicious enough and then after hiring trusting.

  • Professionalism

    Talent who exerts the best ability in his or her field with responsibility and sincerity

  • Humanity

    Talent who is polite and courteous to customers and colleagues

  • Sociality

    Talent who can trust each other by forming a team that teaches what he or she knows and asks what he or she doesn't know

Employee welfare

- Four major insurances

- Collective insurance

- Government assistance program support

- Family events support

- New Year / Chuseok gifts

- Lunch / dinner meal support

- Incentive bonus payment

- Off-season reward vacations

- Self-improvement costs support

Admission process and How to Apply
  • Application receipt

  • Document screening

  • Job interview

  • Internship or apprenticeship

  • Final pass

※ Experienced is always job opening.
The application form is free. Please send your application to (