Orange Security is an information security consulting professional company.


The name of Orange Security made its name of a company by borrowing "orange" word from the Orange Book, another name for TCSEC(Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria) at the Pentagon in US. The orange color is also used to express a energetic and pleasant feeling and to emphasize something. Orange Security will be at the center of security as it strives and grows into an indispensable company for "Better security than yesterday".


Welcome to Orange Security. Information security(cyber security) is becoming increasingly important as civilization develops and the industry is advanced. The traditional public/finance/communication sectors have recently expanded into the education/medical sectors, and there is a need in various other fields. In particular, Orange Security plays a leading role in the shipping sector through business agreements with Korean Register(KR). We will grow into a global risk management company based on our expertise and scalability. Thank you.


"Better security than yesterday"

  • VISION 1

    Orange Security has unique expertise.

  • VISION 2

    Orange Security is a company that customers come back to.

  • VISION 3

    Orange Security grows together with our partners.

Strategy 2025

Introducing Orange Security's 2025 strategy.

  • Continued growth of company scale

  • Talent-oriented growth through the discovery and development of talent

  • High value added growth through continuous new business development