Maritime Cyber Security

Orange Security specializes in maritime cyber security.

Ship owners cyber risk management system establishment service

ISM code SMS establishment

  • IMO maritime cyber security guideline on board
  • BIMCO cyber security guideline

Shipper regulation response

  • TMSA / Rightship inspection
  • OCIMF SIRE VIQ 7 inspection

Security S/W installation and monitoring

  • Network(Firewall, IPS/IDS) / PC(AV, USB protection)
  • All time monitoring and monthly report

ISO 27001 certification acquisition

  • Establishment of international standard information security management system
  • Support for initial / renewal audit
Ships cyber risk diagnosis service

Analysis of Information Assets in the Ship

  • Identification of ECDIS, AIS, VDR and related systems
  • IT and OT system classfication

Ship cyber risk assessment

  • Vulnerability diagnosis and simulation hacking on cyber assets
  • Cyber risk assessment and establishment of countermeasures

Cybersecurity Type Approval and AIP certification service

  • Review Cybersecurity by design
  • Cybersecurity certification of the classification (LR, DNV, ABS, KR)
  • Satisfying the cybersecurity needs of shipowners (shipyards)
Maritime cyber security education service

Understanding of maritime cyber security

  • History of maritime cyber security regulations
  • Cyber risk management concept

Practice of maritime cyber security

  • Maritime asset analysis and inspection
  • Cyber risk assessment and response

Publication of professional books

Understanding Maritime Cyber Security - Concepts and Practices

The modern maritime industry is a total assembly of digitalization that connects shipowners - shippers - flag states - port states, etc. with IT, centering on 'Smart Ships'.

It is not difficult to understand the importance of cyber security in the maritime industry in the 21st century when imagining the harm that will occur when large ships that are loaded with dangerous cargo and fuel in large quantities are in danger of cyber security.

This book introduces the basic concepts so that all stakeholders in the maritime industry, such as shipping companies, maritime engineers, shippers, and subcontractors, can understand the meaning of cyber security and recognize the necessity of it.

Practical explanations are included so that you can respond to them.