Maritime Cyber Security

Orange Security specializes in maritime cyber security.

Ship owners cyber risk management system establishment service

ISM code SMS establishment

  • IMO maritime cyber security guideline on board
  • BIMCO cyber security guideline

Shipper regulation response

  • TMSA / Rightship inspection
  • OCIMF SIRE VIQ 7 inspection

Security S/W installation and monitoring

  • Network(Firewall, IPS/IDS) / PC(AV, USB protection)
  • All time monitoring and monthly report

ISO 27001 certification acquisition

  • Establishment of international standard information security management system
  • Support for initial / renewal audit
Ships cyber risk diagnosis service

Analysis of Information Assets in the Ship

  • Identification of ECDIS, AIS, VDR and related systems
  • IT and OT system classfication

Ship cyber risk assessment

  • Vulnerability diagnosis and simulation hacking on cyber assets
  • Cyber risk assessment and establishment of countermeasures

Cybersecurity Type Approval and AIP certification service

  • Review Cybersecurity by design
  • Cybersecurity certification of the classification (LR, DNV, ABS, KR)
  • Satisfying the cybersecurity needs of shipowners (shipyards)
Maritime cyber security education service

Understanding of maritime cyber security

  • History of maritime cyber security regulations
  • Cyber risk management concept

Practice of maritime cyber security

  • Maritime asset analysis and inspection
  • Cyber risk assessment and response